About me

The text of the page “About me” is never easy to write. It is usually visited by people who have found a blog for the first time. How can I do this to keep someone on my blog for longer time?

Let me just say that this blog is a really special place for me. When I realized how beautiful our planet is, I decided to create a place where I could share it to a wider audience. It gives You the opportunity to enter my world for just one moment.

At this point, some of you will find practical information about the trips you are planning. I hope that my travels will inspire others to explore the world. There are so many beautiful places that visiting can really change how we see the world.

I intend to continue investing in my travels and showing things about which we have no idea. I want to discuss topics important to me and our planet, writing about further places, as well as those closer.

The blog was created after my 2-week trip to Thailand. Together with my closest friend we have collected a large amount of materials like photos, films and, above all, the experiences we want to tell you about here.

If you want to know more about me just visit the website devoted to my creativeness.